RWE Transgas, Inc.
The main activity of RWE Transgas, Inc. is purchase and sale of natural gas for need of the consumers in the Czech Republic and also transit transport of natural gas for abroad partners. No substitute activity of Transgas, Inc. is transit transport of Russian natural gas to West Europe countries, mainly to Germany and France. Transit pipelines system of Transgas, length of it was nearly 2400 km at the end 1998, is an important part of European gas distribution system. At the beginning of May 2002 The Office for the Protection of Economic Competition accorded a permission for shares sale of Transgas, Inc. and of regional gas distribution companies owned till then by FNM Czech Republic to German RWE Gas AG.
It was needed a system for a technical register of non-gas constructions in RWE Transgas, Inc. The request was to create a detailed pasport of building's headquarter and selected production areas with an extension of drawing documentation and also interconnection pasport with SAP system where it was needed to actualise the assets placing.
The goal was to make management of the assets easier and to get detailed information about buildings equipment.

The modules Pasport, Plots, Technology and Inventory have been implemented. It was realised the interconnection Module Pasport with SAP system. Code list of rooms in GTFacility system became a resource database used in Module Inventory. Module Inventory is intended for assets moving and liquidation. 
ASP also provided digitizing of paper documentation of premises and construction of headquarters in Limuzska, Belgicka Streets and branches in Pisek, Brno and Louny.CAD drawings content layers of constructions, room areas, strong and weak current components, water valve, drain exits, gas valve, air conditioner units and VZT, heating units.

The Solution Contribution
zmore effective actualisation of books property register in SAP with the support of users who don't have access to SAP
Exports from the system provides summaries:
bodabout which areas are used by which person
bodinventory cards with the inventory lists from each room
bodstatements about technical room's equipment
bodtheme maps with the lists of departments and people in the rooms
boddigitizing of paper documentation and its interconnection with books (accounts) asset register in SAP system