ico zelen Environmental Management refers to the important part of Facility services complex in today's modern sometimes over technical times. Environmental Management processes form an integral part of complex Facility Management Institution and Company.   


ASP has many years experience in this area through complex implementation of the system GTGreenery for managing the entire portfolio of processes for registration, maintenance and financial environmental management.The first step for sophisticated Environmental Management is its pasportisation/inventory of the vegetation elements (VE), which provides the solution for these requirements:
  • contents, operation and composition of the green space or its parts alongside roads and in residential complexes
  • conservation, regeneration, reconstruction or renovation
Based on pasport( building survey) we realized:
  • topography and identification of VE
  • vcharacteristics, functionality and potential of VE
  • vcalculation of the ecological value, calculation of basic stability value using SIA method
  • suggestion for arrangement and assigning catalogue number URSS
  • calculation of the financial costs for the realization of suggested provisions
  • control and evaluation of realized provisions
For the management processes then:
  • tcreating plans for green spaces maintenance
  • monitoring of its implementation (quality, financial feedback)
  • incidental green spaces maintenance(Help Desk)
  • monitoring financial plan - forecast (budget) for green space maintenance