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07 2014Makro-Metro
July 2014
We currently realise a project of integrated Helpdesk system named GTFacility which is connected to SCADA systems - (automation, control systems, cooling, heating ...).

The Helpdesk module will be centrally linked to SCADA – automation systems for all Makro – Metro shopping centres in the Czech and Slovak republic. The GTFacility HelpDesk will be dealing with incidents manually entered via the web interface and also with all incidents – known as „alarms" generated through the SCADA automation systems.
01 2014RWE
January 2014
Implementation of integrated energy management (all types of energy) for all buildings in the Group RWE Czech Republic.
12 2013Lynx
December 2013
Initiated joint project sith the company Lynx to create a comprehensive branch solution for the management of data warehouse: facility-property-online monitoring and management of all technologies (cooling, electro,...)
11 2013ČVUT
November 2013
The finished joint grant project with ČVUT Praha Prague for the monitoring of asset tracking in CAD visualisation with help of technology RFID chips.
09 2013Assets inventory
September 2013
Initiation of the project assets inventory In Slovak energy companies, in all regions of Slovak Republic.
07 2013Property Management
July 2013
Initiation of the project implementation of property management processes, processes of real estate portfolio BNP Paribas in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Rumania.
07 2013RWE Czech Republic
July 2013
Implementation of the Module Energy in the areas of RWE company in all parts of Czech Republic.
06 2013NET4GAS
Juny 2013
Upgrade of the project property settlement processes of the plots of pipeline distribution system owned by the company NET4GAS in the Czech Republic. This project solves all processes (real burden, rental, purchase contracts)for plots assets settlement that are connected with main distribution system NET4GAS in the Czech Republic. The project solves connection and actualisation of plots (CAD and text) in The Land Registry, integration with central - GISmalllworld , systems SAP and Adobe.
05 2013Facility - Property a Assets
May 2013
Upgrade of implementation Facility - Property and Assets Management system for the CPI Group. System GTFacility will be implemented for management of the projects CPI in Czech and Slovak Republics and new acquisition in Central Europe.
03 2013Slovenské elektrárny
March 2013
Upgrade of the system implementation in Slovak power station company. Within Stage 2 of the project assets management in the company there will be implemented processes of basic pasport (CAD and text level), creation of tax returns, contracts and rents register.
02 2013Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovna
February 2013
Implementation upgrade of system GTFacility for regional branches and branch offices Všeobecnej zdravotnej poisťovne, Inc..Upgrade solves as well extension of processes Car pool (cars assignment , connivance, statements) and HelpDesk marketing requests.
01 2013New version of GTSystems
January 2013
Completing of new version engine GTSystems. This version includes a new generation of Internet browser applications, new version middleware and CAD editor.