analyzy ico 01 Modern management these days is typical for its dynamics and requests for ability to make decisions quickly and effectively and make changes in the structure and company's organisation as a response on all the time changing conditions at the market.
Ability to make requested change effectively and quickly as well as to ensure optimal and effective functioning of the company in order to get advantages on competitors represents a very important element for success and survival of the company.

ASP realises implementation analysis:


ANALYSIS –creating of map of all core and FM processes and definition of their relationship ,respectively mutual influence 


ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURE of existing data, definition of data transformation for system register. The data must be created at first.


ANALYSIS OF IT infrastructure and a proposal of FM integration with all company's relevant IT systems (ERP, DMS,...)


CREATION of final concept implementation of FM system 

analyzy ico 02

Both side interconnection of FM and core-business management of the company enables an optimal realisation of its important decisions like a quick company's relocation, the way to get supportive services (cleaning, guard, communication, transport,...), investment decisions (acquisition, buildings and cars rental).