Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc.

The main business activity of Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. is:
  • transit transport of natural gas
  • distribution, pipelines transfer and amendments of natural gas and its transfer to customers
  • purchase and sale of natural gas
This business activities mean for Slovak Republic ensuring of fluent, safe distribution and supply of natural gas to Slovak customers, for European gas industry it means ensuring of continues and safe transit of natural gas from Russia to European market.
The most important asset of Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. is the ownership of transit gas distribution system and unique distribution system in Slovak Republic.


Department of Assets and Services Management in Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. doesn't have any comprehensive system for the management of large assets and for management of supportive processes which relate to main activity of Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. - transit, distribution, purchase and sale of natural gas. Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. need to have a comprehensive FM system integrated into current IT infrastructure with main emphasis on the integration of ERP system SAP and central service-desk CA.
ASP won in public tender for suppliers of FM system GTFacility in 2004. For the implementation of FM system in such a large company in short period until the end of 2005 it was needed dozens of people, good organisation and especially implementing the tasks in the work schedule of the project on time.
Tasks for the implementation:
bodpasport of a large complex of area, buildings and plots in all parts of Slovak Republic on the text and also graphic ICAD/GIS) level
bodcreating of technologic pasport (building survey) of buildings (central register of technical construction documentation)
bodgreen space register (exterior, interior) and management of activities for its maintenance
bodregister of car pool spaces and management for appointing of spaces, monitoring of full and free spaces and control
bodto define engagement of the company's areas, respectively the effectiveness of spaces usage
bod"lease management" of buildings (rental/lease, purchase/sale)
bodmonitoring of expenses related to buildings
bodcollection/central register/control of all requirements-activities for the management
bodEnergy Management, space monitoring of energy usage and its optimising
The steps of the solution

After the implementation of Pasport and CAD modules it was started preparation of digitizing buildings and areas in all locations of Slovak Republic. ASP was managing this complex project of pasport processing of drawing documentation, physical control and typography in all parts of Slovak Republic.
After that it was processed pasport of technology in the buildings of Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc.. CAD/GIS drawing documentation was on level of graphical objects of rooms-technology-plots interconnected with the text pasport of these objects.

HelpDesk-collection, realisation and control of all activities-requests of assets management.
In connection CA - established Helpdesk system-was implemented a system of collection and realisation of all incident requests related to assets management (during 3 months of its operation it was registered 1800 reported requests from entire Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. what is in average 30 incidents per day).
At the same time it has been implemented the system of generating activities for regular maintenance (planned repairs, maintenance,...) and its following resolution and monitoring. It has been established a few dispatching centres (based on location-regions and type of requests) for solution of requests in all parts of Slovakia.
Energy Management
Energy management.
In the process of implementation of the energy module all points of supply have been mapped in accordance with the energy type. The system of management of all energy meters and their exchange has been introduced. The system of controlling (financial and operational)of energy usage has been interconnected and composes a complexity to controlling CO module within SAP system.
Space Management - moving
Interconnection with HR module SAP won a system of current personal data and data about organisational structure Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc. This system is connected to a current rooms list (people placing) and enables:
bodmonitoring and optimizing of dislocated departments and people
bodsuggestion and management of processes people and departments moving, these processes followed organisational changes and structure changes in Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc
Lease Management
Based on precise pasport of buildings, rooms and plots it has been implemented the system of contracts rental/lease/and purchase/sale interconnected with other relevant objects. The system generates and controls realisation of individual financial transactions from the contracts and connected with FI,SD, MM modules SAP provides real assets management of data of operation of these objects.
Connection and integration to ASP system.
It has been realised on-line both sided connection with all relevant modules SAP. Their structure and concept of connection showed follow-up schema..
SPP obr
Company: Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, Inc.

Location: Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Facility facts: There are around 600 buildings, 20.000 rooms, 100.000 technologies, solution of 1,000 incidents/activities per month.

Implemented module GTFacility
• pasport, CAD-GIS, technology
• cleaning, green space, disinfestations/disinfection, parking
• space management, moving
• HelpDesk, planned maintenance
• Energy management, Lease management

Implementation tools :
• pasport, CAD/GIS data performance
• IT infrastructure analysis
• interconnection with SAP, CA systems in Slovenský plynárenský průmysl, Inc.

Achieved operational advantages :
o actualisation of technical constructions documentation, advantage of work with drawing documentation in digital form
o central incidental and planned maintenance management
o central management monitoring of consumption and energy production
o control of processes related to expenses of buildings, in various locations and regions

Next system development :
o iimplementation of Module Inventory, liquidation and assets changes
o implementation of Module TelIT (management PC and phones)
o implementation of Module FM controlling

GTFacility integration :
SAP R3, CA, central The Land Registry Slovak Republic, online integration to external suppliers of management and maintenance of buildings