ČSOB, Inc.
Československá obchodní banka, Inc. is the strongest, most stable and most efficient bank not only in the Czech Republic but also in the wide region of Central and Eastern Europe. It is a universal business bank established in 1964, known for its long-term experience in the area of business financing, cross-border payments and foreign exchange operations. After successful privatisation, in which the largest owners of the bank became the Belgian bank KBC together with the European Bank for Reconstruction, Development and International Financial Corporation, from the group World Bank, the bank continues to develop its services with one goal - to satisfy the current and future needs of its clients. After acquisition of Investiční a poštovní bank ČSOB, Inc. also owes the previous Poštovní spořitelna.
After acquisition of the Investiční a poštovní banka it was necessary to address issue in area of central (non-bank) services: integration of information systems and changing of organisational scheme, to ensure redeployment of employees and changes in assets.
This all needs to be done without interaction of activities related to rendition of bank services.
This very difficult task could have been solved with help of dozens people who needed up-to-date information about assets and staff deployment. This has been achieved by the IRAP deployment project .The difficulty was that it was necessary first to unitised asset registers and get the list of all bank objects, levels and rooms. Other questions needed to be addressed: unifying register of contract relationships and services suppliers in order that there were no delays in payment for supplied services. It was essential to take over the objects and their technical documentation in person. In part for the solution of these tasks the system the GTFacility system was implemented in ČSOB.
The analysis of the solution started in November 2000 and the start of operation was in March 2001. In the GTFacility system have been first filled register of buildings, levels and rooms. The interconnection of constructions with scanned documents of contracts, clauses and invoices and other documents have been done. The business partners register has been re-filled. To the first implemented modules Constructions and Contracts more modules have been added - modules Moving, Technology, Measurement, Copy machines, Waste, Management and Operation. The pilot digitizing of the objects Anglicka and Pankrac (bank branches) has been provided that should have checked the possibility of "modelling" moving people directly in drawing documentation. The implementation of modules Monitoring Costs is being prepared.
The system is currently used by 400 users.

Contribution of the solution
bodthe system for actualisation of rooms areas with about 150 users implemented
bodthe payment calendar (schedule) to remove penalisation and payments reminders for supplied services implemented
bodunified system of contracts and partners registers implemented
bodimplementation of the module for the calculation of rent, instalments and creating payments orders
bodunification of technical register of the constructions in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
bodpossibility of central monitoring of used energy measurements in the regions
bodimplementation of unified register for copy machines with usage effectiveness valuation
bodregister waste management implementation