Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna Czech Republic (VZP)
Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna Czech Republic was formed by legislative act No.551/1991 with efectivity from 1.1.1992. VZP provides public health insurance in compliance with valid legislative. VZP is a legal entity, it acts in own name in legal relationships, it has legal rights and obligations and carries responsibility from legal relationships. VZP ensures collection of insurance payments of public health insurance and reimbursement for health care from health insurance money and other activities which VZP can provide by law. VZP Czech Republic keeps the register of insured people in public health insurance, it is a administrator of a special account for public health insurance.
Registered office of VZP Czech Republic is 130 00 Prague 3, Orlicka 4/2020.
VZP Czech Republic has been offered by ASP the solution for pasport of assets and its other utilisation for monitoring economy index, investments and management of building's areas. In relationship with the previous it was needed to solve also effective management of buildings maintenance.
If someone would like to get summarized basic technical information about buildings, then these information existed only in paper version catalogue of buildings VZP Czech Republic. There were noticed e.g. acreage, number of employees and insurees, information about reconstructions and planned expenses for buildings' repair. VZP Czech Republic has 80 regional workplaces and it was needed to ensure centrally actualisation of areas sizes. This had a sequence also to economy system VEMA where you can monitor placing of mobile assets in addition to other operations. It was necessary to solve actualisation of rooms code list in the unified media as a basic information source also for other systems.
There were available not only catalogue of buildings, exports from VEMA system but also paper drawing documentation of buildings in order we could start a performance of our work.
First it has been provided partial digitizing of drawing documentation where it has been created a layer of area. By this it has been created also the list of areas mentioned in the documentation. Subsequently the digitized documentation has been placed into the GTFacility system and has been published at all region workplaces. This way has a process of control of actualisation current construction documentations started. These documentations were gradually repaired in the system.
At the same time the actualisation of the asset placing register in system VEMA has been provided. It follows the actualisation of people placing register. The system enables placing people at every area workplace so that these information can get immediately into other application (VEMA, phone list).
Currently 160 users work with the system.
Contribution of the solution

bodimplementation of the system for actualisation technical data of constructions, room code list with about 100 users

boddigitizing of project documentations and their publication in area workplaces

bodimplementation of the system for placing people directly in area workplaces

bodimplementation of modules Maintenance and Moving

bodthe option for a creation of theme maps with departments placing

boddigitizing of constructions catalogue

bodcomparing efficiency of flooring utility in the buildings in particular areas in the connection with investment goals

bodup-to-date information for the VZP Czech Republic management about the technical state and utilizing the buildings