VUT Brno (Brno University of Technology)
Brno University of Technology is the oldest University in Brno.VUT is second largest University in Brno and third largest in all Czech Republic with its nearly 15,000 students. VUT has currently 8 faculties. Traditional study subjects at VUT with nearly 100 years history are: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Faculty of Architecture. These faculties have been changed and new ones added in the recent years. Thanks to the establishment of Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Fine Art, Faculty of Chemistry and on 1/1/2002 Faculty of Information Technology a range of subjects has been extended and The University covers now as the only one in the Czech Republic all spectrum of technical science: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, Informatics, Business And Management, Design.
The rector's office needed a system for the registration of buildings pasport and schematic plots areas with the notification of rooms numbers. The VUT assets is classified into regions, areas, faculties units and centres units. The rooms are characterised by submission and purpose. There are CAD plots ground-plans of the objects available for VUT. VUT needs to have a graphic editor in order to actualise the ground-plans. This editor will be served by VUT employees.
In the instalment packet of GTFacility system has been included also GTCAD graphic editor for editing of CAD documentation. The structure of Module Buildings has been amended and data have been imported into GTFacility system from the original system. CAD documentation was interconnected with buildings pasport.
Contribution of the solution
bodpossibility of register and control this register into system directly at the faculties
bodrepairs of buildings amendments plots done in the editor GTCAD by own employees
bodpossibility of system extension with new modules