What is in the register

  • the list of keys
  • the list of cards (entry, ID, safety)
  • the list of codes


Processes and connection with other systems

  • automatic control of validity of the cards
  • the tool for matching payables and receivables between employee/supplier and organisation
  • register of all cards type edited within IS organisation
  • handling over cards and keys to the tenant, respectively the lodger based on rental respectively tenancy agreement
  • connecting the register of external employees with HR systems
  • connection of cards holders register with safety systems in the organisation
  • introduction of the system of the so called universal key to the organisational structure
  • entry data for crisis management agenda
  • tool for the management of the system for health and safety at work courses and fire alarm instruction
  • actualisation of data of keys economy in connection with internal moving
  • automatic ending of the validity of access for employees and suppliers when the contract with the organisation has ended


Exports/examples of use (reports)

  • actual number of external employees in the organisation
  • the list of returned and not returned cards and keys
  • the number of keys issued following certain criteria ( person, department, room)
  • statement of people with entry access following certain criteria (room, supplier)
  • statement of actions needed to be undertaken when employees are moved


Connection with other modules

  • direct connection with module Space Management
  • data from keys economy are interconnected with register data in module People
  • connection to partner (service supplier, tenant) who is in the register of contracts (including his personal representation)
  • graphical picture of entry access in CAD module (based on employees, respectively external employee role in the company)


What questions does this model answer?

  • Who has access to particular room?
  • Which rooms does particular person have the key of?
  • Who is responsible for granting entry/access to a supplier?
  • Did the employee return all keys after his job contract had finished?
  • How many people have entry access to a particular building?
  • Was the entry card validity cancelled to the supplier when their agreement finished?
  • Did the tenant/lodger return the key after moving out from the rented space?
  • Which keys is it necessary to change when moving from/to the building, and to whom should these be provided?