What is in the register

  • service orders - request for the repair, services, goods
  • services types with connection to synthetic accounts
  • default set up for costs centres
  • suppliers for FM services


Processes and connection with other systems

  • processing of complex orders workflow
  • public limitations for the employees regarding requests for recording
  • sophisticated but simple communication with the suppliers, or clients
  • simple and well-arranged system for appointing orders to internal employees
  • feedback about handling the order to the employees and long-distance control employees
  • assigning order costs to costs centres
  • full history of order development with all the details
  • possibility to connect with other applications used for data collection
  • possibility to connect with ERP systems, e.g. for the purpose to create the order


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Connection with other module

  • localisation of the order based on building survey-pasport
  • overview of the order place with help of CAD
  • definition of the object-property the order is related to
  • automatic identification of the person making and receiving order
  • appointing the order to the employee
  • to give an access to the order to an external supplier
  • receiving the orders from different clients


Exports/examples of use (reports)

  • print of work orders and aggregate statements with the summary
  • mstatement of dividing costs to paid orders following NS and synthetic accounts
  • orders classed by different stages of completion: taking, appointing, handling process, not accepted by client, orders not finished after deadline
  • the lists of orders classed by type, key words, the way of solution, suppliers, deadline for order realisation , NS, synthetic accounts and many more parameters in any combination


 What questions does this module answer?

  • How can ordinary employees make orders into service orders?
  • Which orders need to wait before long-distance control employee acceptance?
  • Which orders need to be appointed in order to be solved?
  • How are all details about the order passed to the relevant person the easiest way?
  • Which orders are not dealt with on time (deadline)?
  • What is the volume of orders at individual costs centres?
  • How can I find the full history of individual orders?
  • Which orders are dealt with by which particular supplier/ internal employee?
  • In which locations/buildings are there the most requests for service orders?
  • In which locations/buildings are there the highest costs for service orders?


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